Human-Earth-Sun EMF Meditation . channeled by Alice B. Clagett

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Channeled by Alice B. Clagett
20 December 2015

The relationship of the EMFs of the human being, of Earth, and of the Sun are worth exploring, as these are intimately interactive. As we ‘bump up’ in Awareness … i.e., as we ‘gain Light Quotient’ during the Ascension process, we proceed from personal Awareness to Earth planetary Awareness to Solar System Awareness, to Galactic Awareness, to Awareness of this Universe and the Central Sun.

An easy way to relate to these bump-ups in consciousness is to concentrate on our own human EMF (rather than on egoic inter-relationships or causality … such as ‘you did this to me‘ … which is what Matt Kahn … …. and Christ, in the Bible … call ‘judgment’). Faith in ourselves, in God, and in the Universe … as Judy Satori … … says (to paraphrase) is a good way to get through the waves of Incoming Light.

We can have faith, or appreciation, or gratitude. We are able replace our thoughts of blame and judgment and negativity with some positive emotion. All we have to do is turn our attention to our own selves, our own co-creative ability.

As soon as this is accomplished, we relate to our own, personal electromagnetic field. Feel the bumps and waves and knots and tangles in it. These same are being experienced by Earth at this moment.

Image: Artwork on the human EMF and Earth’s EMF, source possibly Pravda TV … ..

Imagine you are the Earth. Feel the Earth’s north pole and south pole. Feel the winds, the tides, the storms, the earthquakes. These are you.

Then move on to our Solar System. Feel the Sun. Feel the planets circling round her.

Feel how the light of Alcyone, our galaxy’s great Central Sun, sails into her. How she carries the Light of God to all the planets and all their sentient … though non-physical … beings. Feel how she carries that Light to her beloved children on Earth.

Then inhale deeply. Exhale deeply. And relax.

For this artwork: The EMF of the Sun, and the EMFs of the planets circling round her.
EMF lines of force for the Sun and the planets and EMF of Earth compared to that of the Sun

Image: “Magnetism and EMF: Excerpt from ICCC” … ..

For this artwork: “Alcyone, Sirius, and our Sun’s alignment”: See “Photon Belt: Fact or Fiction?” ..


–from Link: “Geostorms, Weather, Human Emotions . EMF Meditation,” by Alice B. Clagett, published 20 December 2015; revised on 24 May 2017 … ..

Alice B. Clagett

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