A Haunting Feeling . a vision by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 2 February 2014; revised and republished on 5 March 2018

    • Vision of a Race of Beings, Creatures of Darkness, That Are Leaving Earth

Dear Ones,

Here is a story about a dying race of beings, about comings and going on Earth, and about the majesty and joy of the eternal Now. There is a Summary after the video …



I am at the meditation walking grounds at Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Encino, California, and I am looking at a tree here. I was walking here, near sunset yesterday evening, and I heard the strangest sound coming from the top of this tree … up here … [pans up to the top of the tree] … right up here.

And I saw a bird up there. It looked like a medium-sized hawk, but I do not think it was a hawk, because of the sound of the call that it was making … a very haunting call. I do not know what it was. Maybe a nightjar?

Video: “Nightjar Call,” by wildaboutimages, 22 July 2009, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOAGUfBFcvM … No, not a nightjar …

It was sitting up in this tree [to the left] … near the top … and it was calling over to a bird in another tree [to the right] … over in the far tree over there … and they were calling back and forth. And I have a story to tell you about that, very quickly …

Vision of a Race of Beings, Creatures of Darkness, That Are Leaving Earth

I was standing there, after walking for some time in the meditation garden, and I heard the most eerie sound coming from that bird. At first I thought it was a squirrel calling. And then I saw it was the strange bird. And then I heard the other bird answering it from the other tree.

Back and forth they were going. And twilight was approaching. I guess I was tired from walking for so long.

And so, I was standing there, and a meditative calm came over me, after walking. And an energy … a really strong energy … came down from the sky and into the Earth … that kind of energy … and a ‘certain knowingness’.

Let’s see if I can think of the words exactly … These birds reminded me of something. And it goes like this …

There is a race of beings; very few humans know any of them. They call to each other, from space to space. But they are not together; they simply speak to each other. 

They are creatures of Darkness. The time has come for these beings … for this race of beings … to disappear. 

Amongst them, there is a great lament; an anguished cry. And at the same time, a ‘what the heck!’ feeling. Who cares? We’ll live on till then! That kind of a feeling.

I found this ‘certain knowingness’ about this race very unsettling. Haunting, even.

I had a feeling like, instead of being just a neutral witness of these comings and goings, it is more like there was a kaleidoscope of change and rebuilding, spilling out of my own deep heart. And becoming everything … everything that is.

It is as if this heart were the center of all that I see. And this kaleidoscope of color, that we sometimes judge to be good or bad, or pity, or shame, or great enjoyment … is just an incredible, ever-changing enjoyment for us.

So, there you go. Talk to you later. Love you lots.


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Alice B. Clagett

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