Misogyny (Hatred of Women) . and a Prophecy for Men . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 16 September 2015; transcribed on 28 December 2018

    • Fall Equinox 2015: Astral Stories Leaving Earth
    • Revelation Chapter 6
    • Alice’s Vision of a Misogynistic Time Long Ago
    • On Keeping the Heart Open
    • For Men: Neutral Mind Regarding Astral Stories

Dear Ones,

Here is a video about energies of misogyny … hatred of women … that are clearing from Earth during this Fall Equinoctial energy of 2015. Also, advice for men on how best to clear (given while wearing my ‘prophetic’ hat). There is a lightly edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Here I am, God knows where, on a dirt road. Actually, I know where, but God knows better than I do. I will show you the clouds first here. [short videoclip of clouds]

Fall Equinox 2015: Astral Stories Leaving Earth

Not so bad, huh? Clouds and mountains. Beautiful sky … So, here we are, well into the deep, mysterious Light of the Fall Equinox 2015. What have been coming up for me, every day, are more and more stories to do with themes that do not match Christ consciousness … themes that are getting booted out of the stratosphere of Earth right now.

Revelation Chapter 6

It is like one long, involved astral story one day; and another long, involved astral story the next day, completely irrelevant to the old one. It puts me in mind of the Revelation of Saint John … Chapter 6 it was. I was just reading yesterday where they were describing bad things, from their perspective, that were happening in the third dimension. And those had to do with the six seals, you know?

It was conquering … people who want to conquer the world or conquer other people; and killing … people killing each other. How did that go? Let’s see … Was the next one balance and fair trade? And then the fourth seal: pale horse, and death and hell. And then there was the blood of the martyrs, the people who had died for Christ consciousness. And they were just wondering how long it was going to take before all that kicked in, you know?

And then the next one had to do with all kinds of natural catastrophes … which are really just like omens of a state of change on Earth … great change, from power-centered consciousness to Christ consciousness. And this is a lot to do with these astral stories that I have been hearing today. I have been hearing the most gruesome stories … totally gruesome stories to do with absolute hatred of women and of motherhood … total disregard for the life of women. And the notion that none but male children deserve to live. And the notion that women should never be engaged in childrearing.

Alice’s Vision of a Misogynistic Time Long Ago

I can trace these stories back, in energy flavor, to other stories of a time long ago, on a timeline very different from our own, on an Earth so different from the Earth of today, that it would be hard to describe it.

In that time, men were mind-controlling women. On the astral plane, superior men were forcing spiritual women to have intercourse with inferior people … just from hatred, really, of their own creative instinct; hatred of their own male sexual organs.

It is sort of a flowing stream of hatred of women, that is leaving Earth right now. Thank God! You know, a female person could take this kind of thing seriously! [laughs]

On Keeping the Heart Open

Over the past week or so, the energies have been very high, and what I have been noticing is that, in response to the energies floating by, my heart has been doing a little, fluttering motion, like a baby bird opening and closing its wings a little bit. And I feel … I really feel … that the thing to do right now is to concentrate very hard, placing all my Awareness on my heart … on keeping my heart wide open during this time.

I think that is the lesson for me; and the service I can do for humanity is not to let my heart be fluttered about, by these kinds of stories … but instead, to feel the great presence of Christ consciousness in my life, and all over the world right now … from the far sky, to deep within the Earth … To feel the way it really is, and to just let those stories go by.

Just in case you are in that boat, I thought I would tell you my insights. Maybe you will agree, and maybe you will not. But, may your day be blessed, no matter what. And may your heart be wide open, and undisturbed by any trouble whatsoever. [waves]

So, the usual codicil or postscript! I was just thinking … I was walking along, and … oh my gosh! Another snake! Look at that! [shows small brown snake in the road] … These snakes are everywhere right now. Wonder what kind of snake this is?

I am going to walk forward, and we will see what happens. [The snake slides away, to the left.] … Well, the usual, lickety-split exit!

For Men: Neutral Mind Regarding Astral Stories

I am going to don my prophetess hat right now … I will keep a sharp lookout for more garden snakes … I think that was a garden snake … and I am going to speak a little bit to men in the third dimension.

Some of you are probably hearing these stories too. And I can tell, just by feeling your own energies, that you have some upset over them. You feel some responsibility sometimes; or you feel guilt … Men sometimes feel an identification with these stories … as if these stories were very important to them, and that the stories should continue … that they are identifying with them, in their personalities.

So for all the different reactions that men have to these stories today, I would like to ask if you could develop a stance of neutrality … perfect neutrality. Consider them to be energy … not a part of yourself … even if some action of yours has created that kind of feeling of hatred of women in the past … you know? … because by being neutral, and not tagging onto all this stuff, I think that the men will have an easy go of it, through this portal of the Ascension that is taking place right now.

The thing is to be calm … to set your heart at rest … at peace … to not identify with any past actions, or with past actions of friends of yours, or of groups that you have heard about on the news, even if they are groups of men. You are your own, unique Soul. You are here on Earth for a very special reason. Your Soul mission cannot be accomplished by anyone else. So think of that; do not think of these energies that are leaving. [waves] … I am taking off my prophetess hat! [laughs … Then follow short videoclips of flowers waving in a breeze.]

Alice B. Clagett

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