War Trauma – William Beanes – Star-Spangled Banner . a ghost story and 3 visions by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 3 December 2014; revised

  • The First Story about War: Dr. William Beanes, Francis Scott Key, and the Star Spangled Banner
  • Astral Story about Doctor Beanes’ Life, and about His Ghost Being Freed from the Earth Plane
    • On Helping a Ghost to Move On to the Light
  • The Second Story about War: Alice’s Vision … The Christian and the Saracen
  • The Third Story about War: Alice’s Vision … Killed by a Comrade in Arms Over Love for a Woman
  • The Fourth Story about War: Alice’s Vision … The Delirious, Mortally Wounded Soldier Who Killed His Wife by Mistake

Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I have some stories about war trauma: Dr. William Beanes, Francis Scott Key, the Revolutionary War, the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’. A little about my grandmother. And how to help lingering Souls on to the Light. A few stories of war trauma in past incarnations.

The First Story about War: Dr. William Beanes, Francis Scott Key, and the Star Spangled Banner

I found myself in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, the nearest town to the home I was raised in. I went to the Upper Marlboro Elementary School site, where I went to first grade. It’s a vacant building now; it’s used for some storage … or maybe for nothing. My uncle went here when it was the Upper Marlboro High School. And before that, it was the Marlboro Academy.

And when it was the Marlboro Academy, there was a gentleman working there, as a surgeon and teacher, called William Beanes. You may know him as the companion of Francis Scott Key … I think it was on board a ship that viewed a bombing of an American stronghold by the British. And during that time, Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner.

Music: United States National Anthem (Star Spangled Banner), by The United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps … public domain:

A war was on. And there had been British in Upper Marlboro. The British soldiers had left, but some of the British stayed behind to loot the homes there in Upper Marlboro.

William Beanes had slaves in his home, and he armed them with guns, and he himself was armed, and they went to stop the looters. And because of that, there was a British General who later arrested William Beanes.

It was Francis Scott Key, and a friend of his, who went to try and extricate William Beanes from imprisonment by the British. So at the time of the writing of the Star Spangled Banner, they were all on the boat because of that.

Image: Photo of painting: “Francis Scott Key standing on boat, with right arm stretched out toward the United States flag flying over Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland,” by Edward Percy Moran (1862–1935), 1912, public domain

Image: Photo of painting: “Francis Scott Key standing on boat, with right arm stretched out toward the United States flag flying over Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland,” by Edward Percy Moran (1862–1935), 1912, public domain

I remember my maternal grandmother, when I was young, used to explain that William Beanes was a distant relative of her family. And then after she explained it, she would play the Star Spangled Banner on the piano in her living room. It was kind of cool.

I have an astral story for you today, that happened just yesterday, regarding William Beanes …

Astral Story about Doctor Beanes’ Life, and about His Ghost Being Freed from the Earth Plane

Doctor Beanes lived in a house just about where an older, one-story house is now located … a house which is all to wrack and ruin right now. It’s right next to what used to be the Marlboro Academy, which is also heading downhill.

That house that he lived in was burned down later. It’s located right next to the Schoolhouse Pond, which is kind of a cool place, with a walkway around it now. I’m sure it looked really different in those days.

Dr. Beanes’ house had a pretty good view at that time, I think, of Schoolhouse Pond, with all of the waterfowl, and probably ice skating in the wintertime. On top of the little hill there, right next to all that, is the final resting place of William Beanes and his wife.

Yesterday, I had the intention to go for a walk around Schoolhouse Pond. And before that, I noticed this burial place, and I thought I’d come up and take a look, since I remembered my grandmother’s story about Dr. Beanes. I found there, on the left, Dr. Beanes’ tomb, and next to it, on the right, his wife’s tomb.

The following ghost story is just an astral story, from the clair plane, and may, for all I know, represent pure fable, with no truth whatsoever to it. So, please take it with a grain of salt! …

I have a practice, when I come to old graveyards, of checking round to make sure there are no Spirits there that are still waiting to walk into the light and find their rest.

And so, I came up the path next to the Marlboro academy, and I stood there for a minute, saying a little prayer. And what I noticed at that point, over Dr. Beanes’ tomb, was a movement of energies.

He was there … resting there … There were some astral demons; I would term them like demons or devils that were lying on top of him and preventing him from arising.

And when I stopped by and said that prayer, they moved away from him and his Spirit rose up. And so I talked to him, as I always do when I run into this kind of delayed situation. His ghost sounded confused …

I should explain: When the War of 1812 was on, Dr. Beanes would go round, as a surgeon,  to the battlefield, trying to save the lives of the soldiers who had been wounded there. Apparently that battlefield experience left him with a terrible post-traumatic stress disorder. I can only imagine that a gentleperson, whose life was teaching and healing … who found himself in a situation of great destruction of life … would be injured, in his spirits, by such sights.

Image: William Beanes, in middle age, http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~robert/James_Madison_high_res.jpg ..

So that was my reconstruction of what happened; as, to my clair vision it seemed that the first thing his ghost said, when it woke up, was that he needed to stay in Upper Marlboro and make sure that everyone was safe there.

I realized, at that point, that there … were this vision to be true … there might have been an issue of war trauma, and that some kind of trauma is often what keeps folks from turning to the light, and turning to their spirit guides, after they pass on. It’s like they are mesmerized by a traumatic incident that makes it too hard for them to move on.

On Helping a Ghost to Move On to the Light. And so, it takes one of us, who is awake and aware, to help break that trance and allow them to move on. You know what I mean? All we have to do is just say:

Say, by the way, did you know you passed on a while back? And in fact, your wife passed on as well … If you want, you can turn round, and greet your spirit guides, and see what your options are right now …

So that’s what I tried. And yet, it seemed he might still be mulling over that terrible war trauma that he had had. And so, I referred him to the Spirit world … to his own spirit guides … like this:

I said: Spirit to Team … [that is, I imagined speaking through my own Spirit, or Soul, to my own Spirit team]

And then: Team to Team [that my own Spirit Team should speak to his Spirit Team, who were still waiting to help him at that time]

And then: Team to Spirit [his own Team to his own Spirit, his own Soul]

So it goes like this:

Spirit to Team!
Team to Team!
Team to Spirit!

And then it seemed that his own Spirit Team greeted his own Soul and helped him on.

Anyone can do this. Anyone can help those who are stuck on some kind of sad memory of the past.

Eventually, as I was walking round Schoolhouse Pond, it seemed that I felt his Spirit rising and leaving … turning to the Light … It was very nice.

The Second Story about War: Alice’s Vision … The Christian and the Saracen

I have three more stories to tell you about war, and they have to do with putative past incarnations of my own. I have more war stories, but I’ll only tell three more today.

The first story was explained to me by a spiritual counselor. It had to do with the time during the Christian crusades, when the Christians were seeking the Holy Grail and warring against the Saracen. My counselor described that I was a crusader at that time; a guy.

I went off to war, and there was just a moment, that I seemed to remember from that war, when I faced a Saracen person of about the same stature as myself, in mortal combat. And he and I killed each other during that war.

I remember a recent insight I had about that: I asked: Which was me?

I remembered that holographic audiovidual clip. I remembered the moment we had killed each other, but I couldn’t tell which was which … which was I. And my spirit guides (through the spiritual counselor I was learning from) said that I was both of them.

This is an interesting fact; That when we war, we think that we’re warring against someone else, but in fact, we’re warring against ourselves, and injuring or killing our own Spirit through war.  And I had never thought of it, until Spirit advised me of this.

The Third Story about War: Alice’s Vision … Killed by a Comrade in Arms Over Love for a Woman

Long, long ago, in the times which we would term barbaric, I seem to remember having been a warrior by trade. I had a comrade in arms; we would go to war together, and fight battles. And up until the time I, as in a mist, seemed to remember, we had survived together.

My friend had a wife. And for reasons I no longer remember, it seems he found me one day in flagrante delicto with his wife. Naturally, I begged his forgiveness. He was my only, best friend.

He was so upset … he was so caught up in the passion of the moment … that he killed me. He killed me with a short knife.

From my point of view, in that story there was a tremendous sense of incompletion, which I might have carried down to other contexts, along those lines, through other incarnations, if such reincarnational stories be true.

I think it’s the warrior spirit. It’s the feeling of killing our fellow man, that causes us to act so quickly, and so in error, with regard to our own brotherhood with all humanity. You know? So that’s the second story.

You know, it may be that I have had many great incarnations, but the only ones that come to me, in this lifetime, as possible memories, are the ones that need completing because there was so much suffering involved, from that perspective.

The Fourth Story about War: Alice’s Vision … The Delirious, Mortally Wounded Soldier Who Killed His Wife by Mistake

I’d like to tell the last story about war. I saw kind of a mental movie. I remembered something from the distant past, during the Revolutionary War, about a man who had a family and went to war.

There was a big battle, and his wife sent her children to a female friend to take care of, and went to the battlefield to search, among the dead and dying, for her husband, to see if she could save him.

She found him there, walking on the field of battle. She didn’t know he had a head wound, and that he was delirious because of it. The doctors on the field of battle had tried to help him, but they had been unable to, and he had broken free, and he was roaming about, delirious.

He saw his wife, and didn’t know; didn’t recognize her. And he killed her with that little gun they had. He killed her. Then as he lay dying, he shot himself.

And the last thought that he had, as he passed on, in that battlefield, was of how much he loved his wife, and how much he wanted to be with her, and make love to her one more time. In that final scene of that incarnation, he saw his penis like a sword; like an implement of war, and like a sign of the courage that one must have in facing battle.

And his wife’s last thought, as she lay dying, was: What would become of her children?

Terrible story! After seeing this audiovisual clip or vision, enacted in vivid detail … including what the people looked like, and what the battlefield was, and the concern about the children …

I said to Spirit: Which person was I, in that situation? 

And Spirit said: You were both. 

So there you have two stories that corroborate the notion that, when we war, we war only against ourselves. And the trauma that we feel, when we war … the terrible trauma of seeing ourselves injure fellow eternal Souls, in physical form … goes with us to the grave, and must be cleared, even if we reach a new incarnation.

All that must be cleared from our beautiful being of light, for us to remember, once more, the glorious, loving beings that we are.

Well on that somber note, I’ll say so long from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. See you all later.

Spirit to Team!
Team to Team!
Team to Spirit!


Link: “Francis Scott Key,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Scott_Key ..


Alice B. Clagett

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