School . a poem by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 1 July 2018

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Dear Ones,

Here is a new poem by me. I wrote it during a creative writing class. I remembered a crawdad burrow on the side of a little stream down by the end of our driveway in the home where I grew up. My first thought, just before I wrote the poem, was this: What is an idea compared to a crawdad burrow by a slow-moving brook?

A Poem by Alice B. Clagett
Soundtrack and Words
2 July 2018


What bookish notion schools a bairn
rapt, like a crayfish by a languid bourne?

What did that crawdad ever learn,
that it knew not on finding form?

How, in fact, shall I take in
all the beings that I am?

How frisk the veil of by and by
where tens on tens of folks be I ?

— one just borning and the next full grown
— one soft cocooning, in carnation’s womb
one swift careening through an astral gloom
turning, hand outstretched, to angelic lumen

Now regal male decked rough, reared up full wild
Now just past childhood mother cradling her own child

Guerrero here, there carpenter or nun
Pagan, Christian, wondering One
Trying, falling, free, then bound
yearning, spurning, missing, found!

How may we reckon age or race or wealth?
How learn the weight of wisdom of our Self?

How find a mooring in this place, that time
when placeless timeless Hearts toward God incline?

He is the flower of the Soul
His the enthralling, star-spanned role
His is the basket that all lives enspline
He is the teacher, He the rhyme


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Alice B. Clagett

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