Teeth 1 . A Short Story by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 5 August 2018; published on 22 September 2019

Dear Ones,

Here is a very short story I wrote over a year ago …

A Short Story by Alice B. Clagett
Written on 5 August 2018

Every time I go to the dentist … and I’ve been going there for about 30 years … he says, “Are you still riding that razor scooter?

And I say, “Yup!”

Then he nods his head to the left, and back, and says, “Did you know how dangerous those things are? You do wear a helmet, don’t you?”

I laugh and say, “You know, I am the best, and the safest scooter rider in the whole world!”

There’s a tiny explosion of exhaled air. He looks down at the floor, and grins.

It’s a fleeting smile — You know the kind? The kind where you fear … should anyone see … they’ll say with stern, cold eyes, “What on earth are you laughing about?”

. . . . .

Alice B. Clagett

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