The Ghouls of Sere Vale . a story by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 29 September 2019


Dear Ones,

Here is a spooky tale for you. There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

Do I have a spooky story for you!

I just went down a long grade on a poorly paved hill with a lot of issues for a Honda to negotiate … a mile or so down … and at the bottom of the mountain was a rough campground. It was a dead end next to a stand of trees and a tiny, very shallow brook. There were no people there.

I got a spooky feeling immediately. I hardly wanted to get out of the car, even so much as to look at the brook. I did get out, but first I positioned my car so that it was heading back in the direction up the hill, next to the road … such as it was … that went up the hill.

As I got out of my car, lo and behold, there drove down to the turnaround that I was facing a man who looked like Clint Eastwood; without a mustache, without a hat, but definitely that piercing-eyed, Clint Eastwood, spare look.

Next to him in the car was a lady who was looking in the other direction, as if she were emotionally distant. She was about his age, maybe his wife or girlfriend, I guess. She was very pretty, and muscular in the way that people who live outdoors on ranches are.

So I thought, gosh, maybe these two are ranchers or farmers; something like that. But I had a presentiment; I thought: Maybe I had better skedaddle back up the hill right away. So the minute I saw them I got in the car. Just as they were stopping in the roundabout, I was heading back up the hill, such as it was … the ill-paved hill … as fast as I could, considering my Honda.

While I was going up the hill I was talking to them on the psychic plane.

The man said: I guess she knows what happened here last night.

I thought: What is that about … that big, black trash bag propped up against the post next to the roundabout? Are there bodies in the bag? What’s up? My emotions were running wild; I could not figure it out.

Then I said to the lady, on the psychic plane: Say, what does he mean by that?

She said: We tied ‘em up, and we conked ‘em out.

I said, on the astral plane: Where’d you take them?

She said: We took them to the manure heap in the back of our place.

As I was heading up the hill I heard a friend of the man pitch in and say: Did we lose anything there?

And the man at the bottom of the hill said: No, I don’t think that’s worth looking into.

I thought: Oh my gosh, what should I do? So in that county where that is, in my mind I called to the sheriff. I said: Say, you know what’s happening over there …

He said: Yeah, we got an idea what’s going on.

Then I said: I spect it’s those types of folks that hires a sheriff in this county?

He said: Yeah, it’s up to them.

Spooky! Then the man at the bottom of the hill said: Well you know, we ain’t got enough water for the cattle out here to last all the year round, so we got to do something to make ends meet.

I got on the main road, and was just riding along, hoping there were no tacks strewn round on that bad road that went down the mountain; hoping I was not going to get a flat before I got back to welcome civilization … that being the next small town along the way.

I heard the woman’s voice talking to the man. It went like this: I just don’t like that look in their eyes … that pleading look in their eyes.

The man said: Last night the fellow died like a man. He looked me straight in the eye and he said ‘Go ahead and do it!’

The other night I was listening to a gentleman on the psychic plane. He sounded a little like the Dalai Lama; like a person who offers sage, peaceful advice. He said: If anybody confesses to a horrible crime on the astral plane, just say to them ‘I understand’. Then they will leave you alone, and go off someplace.

I have been trying that ever since. I have to say, my success rate is pretty impressive. So I thought, with this couple with whom I was just talking it might be a good thing to use as well, because then the gentleman at the bottom of the hill said, on the astral plane: I wonder if we have to worry about rounding up this one …

I said: I understand …

And he said: No, I guess that’s no worth worrying about.


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Alice B. Clagett

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