Song for Children, to Make the Air Fall Asleep . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 28 July 2017
Location: Lake Piru, California

    • May the Air Fall Asleep, version 2, by Alice B. Clagett, Soundtrack and Lyrics

Dear Ones,

This is a song for children, to make the air fall asleep, so that they may sleep peacefully. There is a Summary after the video …



There is this song that a three-year-old child … a child saint … taught me, some years ago, to make demons and devils go away. And just today, I was trying it in a different context, because, when the demon world … the ‘Orion crusaders’, as it is called in the Law of One (Ra Material) … … attempt to snatch away a Soul, they wait till the child, or the grownup, is sound asleep, and then they try to snatch away the body, and teach it Soul wounding types of stories while the body is sleeping.

So I thought: If a person were to sing this same little chant … but very, very slowly … maybe make a recording of it, for the time when they are sleeping, or their children are sleeping, then that might help prevent the demons and devils, and the astral negative beings … the Orion crusaders … from getting to that child, and teaching it the wrong kind of things as it sleeps. It would let the angel realm come in.

So I am going to try singing it for you, very, very quietly, and very slowly. It goes like this …

. . . . .

May the Air Fall Asleep, version 2
by Alice B.  Clagett
Soundtrack and Lyrics
28 July 2017


May the air fall asleep!   (x3, singing very quietly and slowly)

. . . . .

Like that! And I am suggesting singing it very, very slowly … and maybe playing a repeat loop tape … might be a big help in that regard.

All right, you all, take care! Love you lots!

This is Alice, I Am of the Stars, signing off in the astral gate!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Alice B. Clagett

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