Threat Energy, Flying Fish, and One Great Heart . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 7 November 2014; revised

Dear Ones,

Now this is the issue when we ‘fall for’ the notion that we are just one mortal human form …. when we feel that ‘threat energy’ so prevalent in the third dimension …

Video: “Friday The 13th Scare Hidden Camera Practical Joke (Extended Version),” by Hidden Camera & Practical Jokes Community Channel, 27 October 2014 … .. 

… we forget to love one another. When we do not know, in the deepest marrow of our bones, that we are love …

Video: One Great Heart Song, by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 22 June 2014; revised; republished on 27 December 2017 … ..

Yesterday I was reading about the true vastness of our Multidimensional Being. Just think! …

•  We are projecting this hologram, and imagining that we ‘are’ a human form. That, in itself, is amazing.

•  We are imagining we are mortal, destructible, when in truth we are eternal Spirit.

•  We are imagining we are constrained by time and space, when in fact we flow through these constructs, and all around them, like the swift-moving Mississippi River ratchets round a little island with, say, tall grass, one tree, one songbird on that tree.

•  And we are imagining we are separate from all other human beings, to the point where we will unconsciously knock them down into the water. In our fear and through our misunderstanding of the true depth of ourselves and of our fellow human beings … our fellow Eternal Spirits enjoying this preposterous human adventure … we may offer them as a sacrifice to the imagined threats of this imagined version of reality.

Amazing! And how amazing to begin to rise up above the maelstrom of fear and anger, lust and greed, pride and attachment! To glimpse, even for a moment, the true Joy of our being.

And then, like those fish of the great Pacific, learning to fly and dart above the waves, so may we learn, with more and more skill, to skim above and fly through the tumultuous waves of this dimension!

Video: “Flying Fish Picked Off From Above And Below – The Hunt – BBC Earth,” by BBC Earth, published on 12 July 2017 … .. 


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Alice B. Clagett

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