Two Songs for the Pleiadian Raiders . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 23 October 2013; published on 22 October 2013 (go figure!)

    • A Song for the Pleiadian Raiders, by Alice B. Clagett, Soundtrack and Lyrics

Hello, Dear Ones,

Here is a repost of a video from 23 October 2013, which has a song for the Pleiadian Raiders.

The video says it is for Pleiadians, but it is really just for a small subset of Pleiadians who have chosen to raid. There is a little about the 2D-4D interface as well.

We are once again among a series of solar flares and CMEs that will be blessing Earth for a few more days, so maybe more of the Pleiaidian raider energy will be clearing Earth shortly. At least, my hopes lie in that direction. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones,

Wow! We’ve been through it in the last week, haven’t we? [laughs] … And here we are, standing on a New Earth. New air … the air has far more truth in it. But we had to get through some incredible falsehood to get here. And who knows what the future holds …Something really great, I think.

Well, I have a song for you. But not a tune. So, forgive the tune!  [laughs] … It’s a song about the raiders from the Pleiades, that have been here for a while. They came flying in. And they’ve been harvesting what they can from Earth, through the fourth dimensional demonic world, and through the mental mind of man, for a heck of a long time. And guess what? The tide has turned! [laughs] …

So! They have a couple of options right now. One is to find themselves … if they have no human ‘sponsorship’ … to find themselves in a two-dimensional world (1), which is pretty unfortunate. [laughs] … But, they’ll be in charge. That’s good! But they’re not going to get very far with it. [laughs] …

And the other possibility is, they might make it to another 4D-3D world, where they can do what they’ve been doing now. And that’s if they have help from the Divine, in the form of human, or Ascended Master, or any cosmic spirit helping them to participate in the inflow of grace here.

So, here’s a song. The tune is somewhat reminiscent of Samuel Augustus Ward‘s 1882 tune “Materna”, which was first published in 1910. Since the author died at least 100 years ago, this tune is in the public domain, as I understand it. Hope you like it. I’m reading … Isn’t it beautiful out there? Can you hear the birds? Can you feel the sky and the Earth? Here I go …

A Song for the Pleiadian Raiders
by Alice B. Clagett
Soundtrack and Lyrics
23 October 2013


Pleiadian, Pleiadian! We’re out to win this world!
We’d rather take, than participate. And then fly off in hordes.

Across the great, swirling cosmic sea
To another come-and-get-her reality

Pleiadian, Pleiadian! How did I get that shine?
But what the who! … Looks good on you!

My special, offworld, 4D – 3D conquering mentality
Will trick you, from what’s Ever so rightfully mine.

[End of video]


I have one more song that can be sung if you think you’re in the presence of a Pleiadian Raider, or if you find yourself in a 2D-4D interface … you’ll know it, because there are ‘men in black’ (!) there, and instruments of torture inside your body that you think cannot be gotten out … but it is just a matter of thinking. The minute you think you are out of this sort of nightmarish astral story, you are out, right?

It is sung to the melody of the first part of the tune “‘S Wonderful” (2) and it goes like this ///

“Wonderful, marvelous, that you are mine.
Wonderful, marvelous, that you are mine.”

For reasons to which I am not privy, this tune has an immediate calming effect. You will see. Or better yet, you may never need to employ it.

In love, light and laughter,
I Am of the Stars


(1) 2D, the second dimension, resonates with the awareness of plant and lower animal life, and of the human autonomic nervous system. More on the dimensions here …

Link: “The Dimensions of Consciousness” … ..

(2) Link: “Gene Kelly and Georges Guétary – ‘S’Wonderful – An American in Paris” … ..


–from Link: “Two Songs for the Pleiadian Raiders,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 23 October 2013; published on 22 October 2013 (go figure!) … ..


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