A Christmas Blessing, 25 December 2012 . channeled by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 30 December 2012

Dear Ones,

In the coming weeks, as our beloved Planet gives birth to her new self, place your feet firmly on the ground. Walk with her, speak with her, know her as your own Earthly Mother. It is she that has given birth to us, lifetime after lifetime, she who nourishes and uplifts us with every breath, and she who, when we grow weary, shall take our bodies back into her bosom.

In this day of the New Dawn, let us also remember our Divine Mother, and our birthright of the stars. Let us be that connection between our cosmos and our beloved Mother Earth. Walking the Earth, let us rejoice in the stars. So shall our own radiant, new selves be born.

As the veil of Duality at last falls away, with deepest gratitude, I acknowledge each of you as co-creator of all that is. May your higher expressions of self guide your steps through the coming days. May they walk with you every moment of your lives!

May you know the inflow of all your other lives. These are all happening right now, dear ones. All the wrong turns of this lifetime found the right path in another. In that wrongness and rightness lies the truth of who we are. We are all that, and so much more!

In love, light, truth and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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