Stories and Skits

Stories and Skits

Image: “Detail of ‘Romeo and Juliet’: ‘The romance portrayed in this painting is phenomenal. They have eyes closed as to be completely lost in the moment. Juliet’s arm on his neck pulls him in, even as his hand on her arm prevents this. The frustration and tragedy in the entire play is present in the painting. The passion is such, that Romeo cannot even pass into the room before they embrace. To risk ALL for love. It is the ultimate expression of devotion. The desire to be loved is inherent in all humans whether or not one will (or can) admit this. The story that this painting aludes to, is a manifestation of these feelings.’ -Robert Plank,” painting by Frank Dicksee, 1884 … Wikimedia Commons … … public domain … CC BY-SA 4.0


Alice B. Clagett

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