Lions and Gazelles . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed and published on 19 May 2015; revised

    • The Predator-Prey Dynamic (aka the Aggressor/Victim Paradigm): The Densest of Polarities
    • A Vision: A Lion Brings Down a Gazelle
    • Must the Controllers Be Brought to Justice?
    • The Current Clearing of the Predator-Prey Dynamic
    • The Growl and the Great ‘Oh Nooooo’: One Chord in Creation

Dear Ones,

This video is about the predator-prey relationship in 3D and 4D, and how it is clearing from Earth during this cycle of Regeneration and New Creation. After that is a summary of the video, and then, in blue font, a myth of creation regarding the predator-prey relationship on Earth.

There is a greatly edited Summary after the video … As it is greatly changed, I have not indicated the changed part in green font; most of the Summary is changed to read more smoothly.

Then after that there is the section “A Myth of Creation: Free Will and the Predator-Prey Experiment on Earth” that was not in the video.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice.

I had some insights this morning that I am hoping to share with you.

The Predator-Prey Dynamic (aka the Aggressor/Victim Paradigm): The Densest of Polarities

This video is about the phenomenon variously termed the aggressor/victim paradigm, the predator/prey dynamic characteristic of the third and fourth dimensions. Throughout the history of Earth, countless beings have been preyed upon by countless other beings, in order to survive. Even today, in Africa, in the vast Brazilian swamp known as the Pantanal, and in other parts of the world, this is so. So there is that predator-prey energy thread in the electromagnetic field of planet Earth. This has to do with sustaining ourselves through the death of other life forms here on Earth.

The polarity involved in the predator-prey relationship is very striking: The bringing of life to one life-form, and the ending of life for another life-form, in order for that to take place, in a cause-and-effect kind of way.

A Vision: A Lion Brings Down a Gazelle

The image that I have from the ancient past, has to do with a beautiful herd of gazelles in the African plains, and a lion that is stalking them. The lion grabs one gazelle, and brings it down, and ends its life. That is the image that I have of the predator-prey dynamic … the epitome of that dynamic: The beautiful lion, and the beautiful gazelle.

Must the Controllers Be Brought to Justice?

In the current context of Regeneration and New Creation on Earth, this predator-prey dynamic is in the process of clearing. This is because of the great gap of polarities.

We ‘gazelles’ say to ourselves: This dynamic involves, for me, first of all, the placing of blame on the predator. Secondly, it involves the notion of my own personal clearing. So the very first thing that the mental mind does, is to think: How can I clear, unless the predator stops preying on me?

This comes up quite a lot. We think: I’ve got to do something about those predators out there. The ‘predators’ are not exactly like the lions of the savannah; rather, they are the lions of the human world, which some term the Controllers.

This is the energy that is based on the notion that taking things from other people increases our own abundance, and makes us happier. It might be taking money, or raping a woman (taking pleasure in injuring a woman sexually), or maybe the idea of controlling the world.

The question that arises is: What about everybody else? How are they going to feel about that? But that is not a question that is involved in this mental filter experienced by the ‘predator’. So, why would the predator want to change? What would be in it for the predator? And the answer is: No. There is not much reason for the predator to change. Yet there is every reason in the world for the prey to change, because it is they who are obviously suffering. The predator is suffering ‘in disguise’ … Sotto voce, as it were.

The predator is suffering without knowing the suffering, and the prey is suffering right out loud. Right in your face. And so the prey will wish to change.

Those of us that have great compassion, and great love in our hearts, and who feel that feeling of being preyed upon by those who are not yet in their heart chakra, we are well motivated to learn how to clear our Soul field. On the other hand, those who feel that they are ‘conquering the world’, and so forth, are not very motivated.

The Current Clearing of the Predator-Prey Dynamic

Getting down to the true dynamics of the third and fourth dimension: The note of polarity that is struck by the predator-prey relationship may sound like agency. It may sound like one person is causing it and another person is at the effect of it. But in fact, this note is one harmonic in the symphony of New Creation …

If we have a hungry lion, and there is no herd of gazelles, then the lion may prowl around looking for a herd. But if there are no gazelles in sight, there is no predatory relationship. There is just a thought of it. So, there are no gazelles at the effect of a lion who is not around gazelles.

The minute that the gazelles stop being in a relationship of predation with the lion, they will be free of that dynamic. That dynamic will be gone from them, and from Earth. So that is why, when we ‘gazelles’ change our vibe, and eliminate that chord which is predator-prey, then for us there will be no more such chord on Earth.

Now, what will happen to the lions? A really hungry lion, if there are no gazelles around, might turn to other lions … such as younger lions or weaker lions … and kill them and eat them. There on Earth, as the energy is still not there for the predator mentality of the lower triangle to change, then there may be such predations of predator upon predator for a while. As that happens, the preyed-upon predator will have motivation to clear, as the preyed-upon predator will fall into the category of ‘prey’.

Eventually, there will be one or two predators left. My feeling is, at that point, the energy of predator-prey will be gone from Earth. There will be no such thing as a predator any more.

The Growl and the Great ‘Oh Nooooo’: One Chord in Creation

Now, here is more on the notion of the note that is struck by this relationship of predator and prey. It is like a deep, dark, low chord … a little like a grumble or a growl. That is what it sounds like. This growl that we hear, that is issued by a predator, and heard by its prey, is in fact, one sound … one sound of the predator speaking the growl, and the prey screaming ‘oh nooooo’. It is not two separate things; it is one vibration that has existed in the world for a long time, and is now leaving.

So, just to reiterate, if the prey changes, and no longer screams ‘oh nooooo’, or if the predator ceases to growl … either way, there will be no more notion of the predatory growl on Earth. It does not take changing anybody else for this to happen. All it takes is that we should clear our own Souls. And for sure, Earth will be renewed.

[End of Video]

Channeled by Alice B. Clagett
19 May 2015

In our many incarnations on Earth, each of us has had countless experiences both as ‘predator’ and as ‘prey’. Even in the same lifetime we may act one moment In a ‘predatory’ way, and the next as if we were ‘prey’. This dynamic is, after all, the over-chord of the 3D and lower 4D dynamic. It is the ‘dis-chord’ that creates and underlies this density, this polarity, this illusion of duality. Though it it prevalent in our experience in the lower dimensions of Earth, it is not found everywhere in the Universe. In fact, this low Earthly vibe has been, for us, a rare opportunity to experience dense polarity on the way to attaining Soul wisdom.

And so, keeping in mind that this dis-chord is a density we all chose to experience, so as to advance our own Soul wisdom, let us point no fingers. Let us place no blame. Let us feel no sense of judgment toward our fellow human beings.

We are all here together. We brave and stalwart Souls have all chosen this illusion, so that, as the New Cycle begins, we may wax ever more harmonic to the All, to the Consciousness of Christ, and to Source itself.

. . . . .

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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