Pathfinder . a story by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 22 April 2015; published on 23 April 2015; revised

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Dear Ones,

Pathfinder, scout, explorer! On finding the way home … There is an edited Summary after the video …



Dear Ones,

Oh, my gosh! I am on top of a mountain! … [Pans 360 degrees around the ridgetops of a range of tall, grassy hills.] … And the path I came up was too steep to go back down. And I do not know where I am going from here … [Starts walking through the grass.] … Wait! What is this? Another path! … [Looks left and right, along the path.] … Gosh! Huh! …

You know, we scouts do not really like to know where we are going before we get there. We like to go exploring, and not know what lies ahead. Is that not an odd characteristic? [laughs]

Well, we will see where this path goes. I hope, back to the car, eventually. [Waves … Then there is another clip, showing the tree from the prior clip, from a far perspective.] … Here I am, looking back towards that very same tree there … [On to another view.]

So, here is a place … it has a level roadway leading up to it. But you can see by the bushes there, along the edge of the embankment, that the roadway was built long ago … maybe 60, 80 years ago. And then there is a kind of a triangle-shaped plateau here … Not too large … Beautiful views. And I think they were going to build a house there. Because you can see here, where the bank has been cut back to make a more level place for that.

And farther down the road, there … what used to be the road … there is the remains of an old water-sewer drainage that is no longer working.

So this is a deserted homesteading place. And from this little triangle of homesteading land, the only way down that I can find, is this way … [Shows a steepish trail.] … So here I go! Wish me luck!

Kind of an uh oh! here … [Shows a steep place in the trail.] … but this is my goal down here .. [Zooms down to the canyon floor.] … to get down here.

[Another videoclip, on the canyon floor] … Well and so, I made it down the mountain, dear ones … Down to the level ground … Back to the place where I meant to go. And I feel certain that the same will be the case for each of you.

Safe travels! … [Waves goodbye.] … See you soon.


[Then follow images and a short videoclip of mountain scenes. The images can be viewed here …

Link: “Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve,” photos by Alice B. Clagett, 22 April 2015 … .. ]

[End of video]


This is about a haunting, age-old Lappish tale called ‘Pathfinder’ … the 1987 film. The Sami title is Ofelaš and the Norwegian title is Veiviseren …

Link: “Pathfinder (1987 Film),” by Wikipedia … ..

Although the movie starts on a stark note, the ending is beautiful and uplifting; the movie can be purchased as VHS on … Here is a trailer:

Video: “Ofelaš – Pathfinder” … by Kindbirth Hahn ..

The whole movie is currently online on youtube …

Video: “Ofelaš (Pathfinder) [1987],” by ki4clz, 14 October 2017 … ..

Laplanders are an indigenous people of northern Scandinavia. They have their own language, genetic identity, and mythology, which they share with related tribes of Siberia. It looks to me like their genetic identity is Norse, or like that, whereas the genetic identity of indigenous Siberian peoples is much more diverse.


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