Visualization of Self as Earth . channeled by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 3 June 2020

Dear Ones,

I was listening to “Shanti,” the first song in Parvati Devi’s album “Yoga in the Nightclub” just now. I recall the album was released in 2012; I cannot find it online right now. I remember I saw the group perform in Joshua Tree Retreat Center that year, and I recall Parvati Devi’s amazing voice range, from mid-range to very high and crystal clear.

I listened to “Shanti” just now, and when Parvati Devi’s voice reached the high range, my transpersonal chakras began to clear and transform to greater Light.

At the same time, I realized that my prior visualization of the central vertical power current of my human form as reaching from God or Source or the Central Sun far above my head, and far beyond this Solar System, and then down through my feet to the center of Earth, was not optimal for transformation of the transpersonal chakras.

Instead, I channeled this visualization: A beam of Light flowing through my central vertical power current. I Am the Earth! I Am Gaia! Above my head soar the Northern Lights of Earth’s North Pole. Then breaking forth, down through my feet, down through the center of Earth, to the Incoming Light from the Sun of our Solar System, which flows into Earth from the South Pole.

Mixing with the Light of our Sun, Earth’s Central Vertical Power Current brings in Cosmic Light that shoots up through Agartha, the heart of Earth, and on up and out of the North Pole. This Cosmic Light, in part, flows back around the outer spheres of Earth’s magnetic field, enhancing it to double and triple its Solar Minimum size. And in part, the Cosmic Light speeds on, countless leagues above our heads, and back to the local Sun with which our planet and all her beings dance. To the Sun that gives us live, the Departing Light brings glad tidings of our human Love, and of the Love of Gaia.

This is a pretty good image of Earth’s magnetosphere from NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center …

Image: “Rattling Earth’s Force Field.ogv,” by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, 23 March 2012, in Wikipedia … … public domain

The sound in the animation reminds me a little of Parvati Devi’s song “Shanti.” It must be that there is a very high harmonic overlay in the movement of the magnetosphere through the center of Earth, and that high harmonic resounds to the activation keys of the transpersonal chakras of humans and of Earth.

But it differs from the meditation visualization in that one cannot see the energy flowing from our Sun into the South Pole of Earth, and then out the North Pole, and from there, high up into the sky.

But the animation does show how some of the energy of the magnetosphere curls back and circles round the Earth, enhancing the apple shape of her electromagnetic field …

Image: “Earth’s Force Field,” by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, 23 March 2012, in Wikipedia … … public domain

Image: “Earth’s Force Field,” by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, 23 March 2012, in Wikipedia … … public domain

Our magnetosphere is tethered to the Sun, and some of the Incoming Light travels back to our Sun, but from such a high distance above the Earth that it seems to us humans to be an Infinite distance above us.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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